Story by Monica Ballard

Directed by Ryan Crowder


The Control Group: A Mission in Time is a new, week-long theatrical experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.


You've been contacted by Dr. DeSouza, the director of a mysterious government agency called the Control Group, which is responsible for protecting the flow of time. An accident in the future threatens to erase existence as we know it, and the Control Group needs your help to stop it!


Your experience will begin when you receive a dossier in the mail from the Control Group containing clues you'll need to unravel the mystery. Then, you'll receive a phone call from Director DeSouza at the same time every day for five days. Over these calls, you'll discuss the case; hear reports from field agents at various times in history; and make new discoveries to save Time Stream.


With your help, we can repair the damage that's been done. All of our futures depend on it.


The Control Group: A Mission in Time tickets are $27.50 per household.



About the Show


How does this phone theatre experience work?


You are signing up for a five-day theatrical adventure that takes place entirely over the phone. You choose the day you'd like to start and the time you'd like to be called. Director DeSouza will call you at the same time each day from Monday to Friday. For example, if you purchase a ticket for 6:00pm, all calls made during the week will start at 6:00pm Central Time. Calls range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes daily. Prior to the start of your experience, you will receive a dossier in the mail that will help you throughout the week. It's vital that you closely follow the instructions in this dossier, as well as those from Director DeSouza over the phone.


What happens if I miss my call?


If you know in advance you will not be available, contact us at (512) 850-4849 or Otherwise, Director DeSouza will make three attempts to reach you at your agreed time. If you do not answer, you will receive an email from Director DeSouza the following day with information you need to continue your experience. Due to the delicacy of transchronologic communication, missed phone calls cannot be rescheduled. 


Why did my call go straight to voicemail?


Because of the highly classified nature of this mission, all calls from the Control Group will come from an unlisted number. Please use the instructions below to allow unlisted calls to your phone. Otherwise, Director DeSouza may not be able to reach you. Please do not attempt to call or text the Control Group directly (they'll call you). If you have questions, you may email or dial (512) 850-4849.


For Apple:

1. Go to Settings, then to Do Not Disturb

2. Turn off Do Not Disturb

3. Go to Setttings, then to Phone

4. Turn off Silence Unknown Callers

5. If you have other apps blocking calls from unlisted numbers (ex. Call Control, Hiya), turn them off.


For Android:

1. Open the phone app

2. Tap More, then Call Settings, then Call Rejection

3. Tap Auto Reject List, then turn off the Unknown option

4. If you have other apps blocking calls from unlisted numbers (ex. Call Control, Hiya), turn them off.


I live outside Austin, Texas. Can I still participate?


Absolutely! We can accommodate calls all over the United States, just keep in mind that our calls are all made in Central Timezone.


My partner wants to participate too. Does that cost extra?


As long as you live together, then no! Your experience can be for an entire household. Speakerphone is our friend. 


Is this experience kid-friendly?


The Control Group: A Mission in Time contains one scene with mild adult language. The experience is recommended for middle school ages and up.


I have other questions. Who can answer them?


If you have specific questions that are not answered here, please get in touch before you book your experience. Send emails to, or feel free to call us between 9am and 4pm Central Time at (512) 850-4849.



Cast and Creative Team




Monica Ballard, Playwright

Ryan Crowder, Director

Brett Weaver, Sound Designer




Kim Adams

Kareem Badr

Lowell Bartholomee

Robert L. Berry

Jessica Calvello

Brock England

Judd Farris

David R. Jarrott

Olivia Jiménez

Jarrett King

Kevin Percival

Jose Villarreal

Brett Weaver





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