Year of the Phoenix

Year of the Phoenix

Our community’s resilience in the face of a global pandemic was truly inspiring. Now, with your help, we have an opportunity to rise stronger than before!

From the ashes

The COVID-19 global pandemic created unprecedented difficulties for artists, closing stages for over a year. Unable to be with you in person, Penfold used this time to innovate and lay a critical foundation for what comes next.

Penfold Theatre began a multi-year series of new play commissions, beginning with A War of the Worlds, by Austin native Jarrett King. The series will employ local playwrights and explore the nature of “classic” works from a contemporary perspective.

We also partnered with local playwright, Monica Ballard, to create The Control Group, featured in KUT, Texas Monthly and The Austin Chronicle’s “Top 10 Works That Spoke to Me About 2020.” The piece connected participants from across the U.S. and Canada in 1-on-1 phone calls with artists. Together, they fought against the pandemic forces of isolation and division in a sci-fi setting.

Thanks to a generous grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies and expert consultation from the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, we completed our Vision 2025 Plan, which takes Penfold’s long tradition of reimagining classic works to a bold new level.

Help us rise

With your help, we can come back stronger than ever! Give to our “Year of the Phoenix” campaign and help us open a bold new chapter in Penfold’s history.

Pursuing Equity

Penfold Theatre’s vision statement declares that “We imagine a world that celebrates the humanity and uniqueness of every person.” On stage, that means telling stories that promote reflection and empathy. Off stage, it means intentionally structuring our organization to care for artists and audiences at every level.

Thank you

Penfold is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our work is made possible by the generous contributions of hundreds of supporters. Here’s a HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Year of the Phoenix campaign since the start of the pandemic.

Diane Abitua
Elisabeth Aulwurm
Ryan Bache & Brianne Klitgaard
Gwyn & Kevin Baird
Monica Ballard
Shirley & Felipe Benavides
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Michelle Cheney
Sonal Chokshi
Robin Clark
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Will & JoHanna Flacks-Dunning
Kathy & Randy Frederick
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Karen Gale
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Justin & Jennifer Gerhardt
Carolyn Gilbert
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Kurang Gizi

Jonathan Grant
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Christine & Gary Hallock
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Melissa & Stephen Hileman
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Leanna Holmquist
Rufus & Margaret Honeycutt
Linda Hoops
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Gary & Karen Jerkins
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